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Scott Craig has opinions, and he does not hesitate to share them! Known better by friends as "Q", Scott became a sports fanatic at a very early age, and nothing has changed throughout the years! When his duties as a father (of one) don't take priority, most of Q's waking moments revolve around the world of sports in one way or another, whether it is watching sports, playing sports, talking sports, sports gambling, or his passionate involvement in fantasy sports. His love of sports has spawned GameDay Mafia, as he looks to create a community of passionate, sports-minded individuals that enjoy sports with the same intensity that he exhibits every day.

Not one to hold back, or "sugar coat" his thoughts or opinions, Scott often finds himself in the middle of raging sports debates, and he hopes that quality (among others) will spark entertaining banter and perspectives from every contributor and guest that THE GameDay Mafia PODCAST is fortunate enough to have the honor of hosting. Honest, informative, and entertaining conversations, opinions and narratives, are ultimately what has BEEN set forth as the driving force behind everything that GameDay Mafia strives to be.


We are currently in pre-production on the GameDay Mafia Podcast. If you have interest in becoming a contributor to our sports community, or a guest on our podcast, email us at for more information. We promise to respond very quickly, and we appreciate your interest in GameDay Mafia!

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