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Looking to join a league?

If you are looking for a Fantasy Basketball League to join...look no further! GameDay Mafia is always looking for fantasy "mobsters" to join our community of fantasy sports enthusiasts. We will be opening fantasy football leagues for enrollment in the very near future, and we would certainly welcome you into our mob!! Our "cosa nostra" is your "cosa nostra". Please email us at expressing your interest in joining us, and we will respond as immediately as possible.  Free leagues AND money leagues are both available. Email us for more information. 

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the warriors are favored to win the nba finals, but which team holds the most DFS value? 

In fantasy sports, as opposed to "real life", the best team wins. Understanding how to put that team together is the difference between winning money, and giving your money away. More often than not, it is harder to identify the players you should roster on the more complete (deeper) teams, than it is to identify those players that you should roster on teams that have one or two players that "carry" that team. But are those players worthy of their salary? The amount of help a player gets from his team can diminish his value...or increase it. A player that carries his team is great for fantasy, while a team that shares the ball makes it much harder to target the players that will hold the most value, and have the greatest upside. Building a solid DFS squad during the playoffs can be challenging, and we are up for that challenge. We are always looking for value, upside, and those 6x players that will help land you in the "money zone". Check out our Start 'em, Sit 'em section to see who we like in Game 1 of the Celtics-Warriors NBA Finals.  

Check out our Roster Construction Zone below for bettor advice!

Top NBA  Headlines

the mafia's top 10 "must-own" players at each position

point guard

we will be back soon

shooting guard

we will be back soon

small forward

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power forward

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we will be back soon

6th man

we will be back soon

****This list will be put together by the GameDay Mafia Staff, and the published order of the players will be, in no way, designed to be in order of best to worst. We will list the Top 10 "must own" players at each position, decided by a combination of number of minutes played, percentage owned in leagues, highest upside potential, and overall production value (using ESPN's Player Rater). Players eligible for multiple positions will be listed at the position that they are most valuable, based on the depth of quality players at that particular position. 

Waiver Wire targets

If you are chasing the "Chip", just drafting your team will not be enough, so we will help you navigate injuries, bye weeks, bad matchups, suspensions, and every other GameDay scenario that presents itself through the course of the season. We will be hitting the waiver wire looking for the obvious, as well as the not so obvious, players that can make an immediate and/or long-term impact to  improve your fantasy basketball championship chances. 

in-season offering -
we will be back soon

***This list has been put together by the GameDay Mafia Staff, and designed to be in no particular order. We are focusing on players that are owned in less than 50% of all ESPN Fantasy Baseball leagues, and based on factors such as number of at-bats, upside potential, and production value (using ESPN's Player Rater). 

start 'em, sit 'em

As the NBA season kicks off, we will kick off our coverage of players that you need to have in your starting lineup, and players that you want to have on your bench, for each fantasy week. We will be here for you all year long with our advice on how to handle your existing roster based on matchups, health of your players, Covid scenarios, and anything else that may arise throughout the season. It takes a village...and we have a village...of fantasy Mobsters. So Mob Up!!

in-season offering -
we will be back soon


Trade Reviews


For as long as there has been fantasy basketball, there have been fantasy basketball trades. Agreeing on what makes a fair trade has been an issue for many leagues since the beginning of time. It is impossible to put yourself into the mind of another owner when it comes to rationalizing value, and that makes finding an equitable trades harder to execute. Sometimes a 3rd-party opinion has value, and we are willing to be that. Heck, we will opine on anything!! Whatcha got?!?

currently no trades to review

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