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Will anything stop the AL BEAST New York Yankees from winning the World Series title this year?

GameDay Mafia Staff

June 27, 2022

Is 2022 the year for the Yankees to sit atop the mountain once again? As the summer continues to heat up, so do the New York Yankees. With 73 games in the books, the Yankees hold a .726 winning percentage (53-20), have 6 more wins than any other team in baseball, and sit 11 games ahead of their closest opponent in the AL East (Boston Red Sox), and look poised to finally cash in on the "win now" mentality that has become a trademark of seemingly EVERY NY Yankees team of recent memory. Now, it isn't unusual for the Yankees to find themselves in the conversation of being one of the best teams in the majors, as their payroll generally suggests that they should be in that conversation, but this year feels a little different. Even the most talented teams often struggle to put it totally together as a team, but that doesn't seem to be the case for this Yanks team that looks to be chasing the best winning percentage in the history of MLB (.763). Everything is working right now for the Yankees. The Bronx Bombers arguably have the best pitching staff, as they sit in the Top-5 of Wins (1st), ERA (2nd), Saves (tied for 2nd), Strikeouts (5th), OBA (1st), WHIP (1st), HRs Allowed (5th) and Shutouts (tied for 1st). Offensively, they are almost as scary as scary, ranking 1st in Home Runs, 2nd in RBI, 1st in Runs Scored, 2nd in Slugging, and 5th in OPS. And, if all of that isn't enough, defensively they are 1st in Runs Allowed and 3rd in Team Fielding.  Those numbers tell quite a story, but they do not tell the whole story. Beyond the numbers, the Yankees have been able to rely on clutch hitting, (which is reflected in their ability to leads the majors in Runs Scored while ranking 16th in Batting Average), and with Aaron Judge leading MLB in Home Runs with 28 (6 more than anyone on else in baseball), everything seems to be going right for the Yankees. So, what stops them (if anything) from winning it all? Do the Yankees have a "kryptonite" that will lead to their demise, and if so, what will that "kryptonite" be? Furthermore, what are the odds of them capturing the World Series title that has alluded them since 2009? Click HERE to see all of our MLB Futures and MLB betting content.

Baseball - Large multi-stars.jpg

Major League Baseball is back in full swing, and Fantasy Baseball is taking center stage

Whether you are into season-long or daily fantasy baseball, there is a lot to consider when constructing your team. But, you are not alone. We identify must-adds available on the waiver wire, favorable Batter vs Pitcher matchups, streaming options, and much more. Join us in building that home run lineup!

Football - Justin Jefferson.jpg

The NFL "off season" looks more and more like "in season" as each year passes.

The NFL draft is over and there has been much that has already transpired during this year's NFL "off season". As teams are making pre-draft deals, players are threatening to holdout to improve their contract situation and/or demanding trades, the term "off season" seems to be a bit of a misnomer these days. As each relevant fantasy player changes addresses, there is an immediate ripple effect. Players who have been fantasy relevant could become less relevant, as players who weren't fantasy relevant could actually become relevant. As teams take shape, so will the outlook of their fantasy stars...and yours! Join us in finding those players that are likely to determine your fantasy football future! 

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Building a successful fantasy team goes well beyond your draft. Navigating injuries, mining the waiver wire, understanding team needs, and recognizing potential trades are all part of the process of winning. Effective roster construction can make or break your fantasy championship hopes, so whether it is DFS or season-long, we are always looking to build a championship roster. Let's build championships together.  

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